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27 April 2011
TERRITORIAL SOCIAL INITIATIVES - Social added value, partnerships and financing tools
International Forum in Siena (IT) - June 16&17

In the Conclusions on the Fifth report on Cohesion Policy, the European Commission underlines the positive role local partnerships involving social partners and civil society can have in achieving the territorial, economic and social cohesion objective. In the same document, the Commission asks how such partnership principle can be improved.

 Widening the perspective, the International Forum on Territorial Social Initiatives, organized by FORTES – Fondazione Scuola di Alta Formazione per il Terzo Settore - and REVES – the European Network of Cities and Regions for the Social Economy – will examine ways to fully exploit the potential of territorial social Initiatives in terms of improvement of social cohesion through better quality of life for all citizens.

In order to do so, the forum will concentrate on 3 main aspects: 1. the social added value generated by territorial social initiatives, 2. the partnership approach and 3. financial tools for smooth functioning of territorial social initiatives.

These three dimensions will be taken into consideration in two phases: a first day of debate aimed at exchanging and discussion involving territorial experiences, public authorities, international institutions and international organizations; a second day devoted at drafting some common guidelines for action.

 The forum will see the participation of app. 150 persons representing different points of view and will use techniques of mutual learning and exchange aimed at creating a “melting chamber” able to propose factual policies and programmes at local, national and international level.