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Reves Network - European Network of Cities & Regions for the Social Economy
News & Events
12 November 2014
Partnership in the SocialeconomyRome conference, 17 -18 November 2014
REVES members at the conference to stand up for regional and local public authorities/social economy partnerships

Besides the Co-Presidents Olsson and Scalvini and the Secretary General, some 12 representatives of REVES members will take the floor during the Rome Conference on “unlocking the potential of social economy for growth in Europe”, in various workshops. This is a sign that, after the Social Economy conference under Belgian Presidency in 2011, the partnership issue remained at the core of the debate.

 A strong message should come from the  Rome conference: a sustainable Europe is possible only if based on partnerships between civil society, social economy and public authorities, working as a system.

But a message, although strong, may remain only a message if we are not able to translate it into a concrete strategic road-map to make our Europe a better place for everybody.

We know that many REVES members will join in the conference during the two days. This will allow to spread the results of the conference in “our” 18 Member States and besides: doing together, doing better!