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Reves Network - European Network of Cities & Regions for the Social Economy
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4 December 2015
REVES - committed to defend human rights, respect and solidarity!

REVES, the European Network of Cities and Regions for the Social Economy is firmly committed to promote partnership between and to cooperate with those local and regional governments, social economy players and any other actor that works towards the creation of a fairer and more inclusive society based on the recognition of human rights, respect for others, equal opportunities, participation and dialogue...

A people's freedom (and therewith also well-being) is at risk when human rights and basic values such as  democracy and solidarity are being questioned - also and above all by those representing or pretending to represent the people.

Hatred and attempts to divide people are nothing else than a sign of weakness, ignorance, fear and a lack of proper answers to challenges that can be tackled only by an alliance of a diversity of actors and people.

We wish to highlight that each local/regional authority or social economy organisation that is a REVES member is obliged to sign the Charter of our network and has to prove the respect of the values and principles expressed in this document. The same values and principles do not allow us to stretch out our hands to those striving to counteract them.