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REVES is the unique european organisation based on partnership between local and regional authorities and territorial social economy organisations.

Under “Social economy” REVES considers cooperatives, mutual societies, associations, foundations and, more in general, all those organisations asserting the “primacy of individual and of social objective over capital, the voluntary and open membership, the democratic control by membership, the combination of interests of members/users and the general interest, the defence and application of the principle of solidarity and responsibility, the autonomous management and the sustainable use of most of surpluses”.

REVES Members are those local authorities or social economy organisation that are presently developing or are willing to develop policies to promote social and solidarity based economy, for a most fair, inclusive, participative and responsible society; a network of social innovation in terms both of methods and procedures based on co-construction and shared capacities of the members and their territories.

Last articles from the blog

  • 1st and 2nd March 2017 – join us in Gothenburg!

    Public procurement is one of the concrete instruments to cooperate between local and regional authorities and social economy players. Indeed, public procurement plays a more and more central role in shaping the way public services are organised and delivered, while goods’ procurement is a powerful means to orientate local economic 

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  • CoR – European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) 2018 edition open for applications

    We are pleased to inform you that the Committee of Regions (CoR) has just launched a call for the European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) Award 2018! Regions and cities that are ready to implement a future-oriented entrepreneurial strategy are invited to apply until 7 April 2017. Please find HERE a leaflet 

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  • European Pillar of Social Rights: REVES position

    The final REVES position on the European Pillar of Social Rights is based on the values and principles of the REVES Charter, on priorities expressed in the discussions around the REVES work programme as well as on the contributions we received for this position from our members. REVES will spread the 

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