REVES Declaration on the Future of EU Cohesion Policy – Join us!

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REVES, the European Network of Cities and Regions for the Social Economy is glad to present a “Declaration on the Future of EU Cohesion Policy”, and invites local and regional authorities and their associations at national and European level, social economy organisations and their associations at national and European level, as well as other stakeholders, to share and support the initiative.

Cohesion policy plays a fundamental role in the building of Europe as a united continent, helping to establish links and mutual support among its citizens and countries. In times when the European process seems to face slow-downs and European citizens show distrust in the European project, this function is more than needed.

The initiative was specifically promoted by Tuscany Region (IT), Region of Östergötaland (SE), City of Athens/ADDMA (GR), Kooperationen (DK), Government of Catalonia (ES), CECOP-CICOPA Europe (EU), Coompanion Västra Götaland (SE), Kokkotyö Foundation (FI), Region Örebro County (SE), SAW-B(BE), Cooperacion y desarollo de Bonares (ES), the City of Brescia (IT) and Sol.Co Camunia (IT).

Should you be willing to join and sign the Declaration, please contact Erdmuthe Klaer at or Luigi Martignetti at

The Declaration is the cornerstone of the REVES campaign towards an improved EU Cohesion Policy after 2020.