Conference: “Transfer of enterprises to worker cooperatives and the role of public authorities – an under-estimated alternative to prevent closing-down of enterprises?” – REGISTER NOW!

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In the upcoming years, a high number of small and medium enterprises all over Europe risk to cease activities if owners do not find any successor.

At the same time, a number of enterprises close down due to economic difficulties or simply a change of strategy (e.g. delocalization). Countries such as France, Spain or Italy, however, have shown that even in such cases a take-over of the enterprise by employees might be possible.

Even though workers’ buy-out (the transfer of enterprises to worker cooperatives) cannot be considered as a panacea, it has been up to now much ignored and/or under-estimated as an option by policy-makers, enterprise owners and employees in many EU Member States.

This conference, held in the framework of the Saving Jobs! Initiative – one of two pilot projects on workers’ buy-out supported by the European Commission – aims to shed light at the context in which worker buy-outs may or may not happen. Social economy players, public authorities, trade unions and civil society representatives will discuss key elements of successful transfers, the situation in different EU member states, as well as the role local and regional authorities can play in creating a conducive environment.

How to move on at European level, in the context of discussions around an action plan for the social economy, the future of EU cohesion policy, the new Skills Agenda…, … ?

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