Publication “Transfer of enterprises to worker cooperatives. A public policy focus.”

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REVES is glad to present the publication “Transfer of enterprises to worker cooperatives. A public policy focus.”


This was conceived in the framework of the Saving Jobs! Project.

It includes:

  • a comparative analysis regarding the context around the transfer of enterprises to worker cooperatives in Denmark, Poland, Spain and the UK, enriched by examples from other EU member states which illustrate at the same time the role public authorities (can) play in this regard.
  • a list of useful documents and links .
  • extracts of the “Manual for Company Conversion Trainers. Concepts and methodology for the transfer of companies – in crisis or due to retirement – to the workers under the worker cooperative formula” (developed by COCETA).
  • a tool to support local players in a first rapid assessment of the situation in terms of probability of success of transfer of enterprises to worker cooperatives.

The Saving Jobs! Project is one of the two pilot projects on transfer of enterprises to worker cooperatives that were co-financed by the European Commission. COCETA, a Spanish platform for worker cooperatives, acted as project leader. REVES was a partner together with Kooperationen (DK), NAUWC (PL) and Cooperatives UK.

The initiative closed with a final conference, co-organised by REVES and COCETA and hosted by the Committee of the Regions, on 26 September 2017 in Brussels. It brought together approximately 80 participants from the cooperative movement, other social economy organizations, local/regional authorities, representatives of national governments, European institutions and organisations, as well as academics. Speakers included also Karl-Heinz Lambertz, President of the Committee of the Regions (and host of the conference); Jens Nilsson, MEP and co-president of the Intergroup on Social Economy of the European Parliament; Ourania Antonopoulou, Greek Alternate Minister of Labour, Social Insurance and Social Solidarity; Ulla Engelmann, Head of Unit, DG Growth; Giuseppe Guerini, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee and President of CECOP and others.

Presentations held during the final  conference, videos and other project outputs can be found here.

REVES will continue to follow the topic also in the future.