Public consultation on the European Pillar of Social Rights: let’s use the doors that are open for us!

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Never has the European integration process undergone a stronger scrutiny than these times. Much is at stake. At the same time, opportunities to build a stronger, citizen-driven Europe arise.

Among the “hot issues” figures the ongoing work of the European Commission on the “European Pillar of Social Rights” (REVES had informed its members on this initiative and the ongoing public consultation).

To recall: The “Social Pillar” won’t replace basic social rights such as they are expressed in EU primary law, but set a clearer, more detailed reference framework when it comes to the application of the different principles laid down in legislation.  According to the European Commission, it will be used as a major instrument for a screening of employment and social policies of the Member States and for the development of more coherent policy approaches in this area in Europe. It will certainly have an influence on the orientation of funds, as well.

The REVES secretariat is in the process of drafting the REVES position to be submitted to the European Commission.

In parallel we are in touch with members of the European Parliament and the Committee of the Regions. Both institutions are currently preparing their opinion on the initiative. Comments and concrete examples of REVES MEMBERS would be very much appreciated and might be integrated in these opinions.

We invite you to take this additional, unique opportunity to share your point of view with European policy-makers by responding to the short list of questions downloadable HERE. All of them are part of the public consultation, sometimes slightly reformulated.

Your comments will be part of the REVES position. Members will be quoted in the joint REVES position, unless they do not wish to be mentioned.

Moreover, we will prepare a dossier on concrete practices to be shared also among all REVES members.

Please send your contributions by 19 September 2016 to /