CICOPA has designed the Youth Cooperative Entrepreneurship campaign – Make a contribution!

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CICOPA has designed a one-year Youth Cooperative Entrepreneurship campaign to let the world know how young people can satisfy their needs & contribute to a better society through the creation of worker, social and producers’ cooperatives.

This campaign aims to:

  • Promote cooperative entrepreneurship and employment among the youth in the world;
  • Create an impact on governments, international organizations and regional integration entities regarding cooperative entrepreneurship and employment through worker, social and producers’ cooperatives among the youth.

Four main actions are planned:

  • A website designed for young people interested in creating a cooperative. This website will provide visibility to the campaign and is aimed at attracting young people towards worker, social and producers’ cooperatives by providing both concrete cases and information & practical information on how to establish them.
  • A publication on youth cooperative entrepreneurship will analyse the trends among young people in establishing worker, social and producers’ cooperatives around the world. Recommendations for policies at international, regional and national level will be included to enable and foster its establishment.
  • The promotion of the video highlighting examples of cooperatives created by young people. CICOPA, together with its regional organizations, has recently produced the video Working Together for a Cooperative Future sharing nine stories of cooperatives around the world. The video will be promoted widely & translated into other languages.
  • A final conference will analyse the possibilities offered by worker, social and producers’ cooperatives to young people in order to respond to their entrepreneurial and employment needs through values such as common ownership, democratic governance, self-realisation, empowerment and responsible attitude toward the community.

The one-year Youth Cooperative Entrepreneurship campaign will be launched in December 2016, but the required funds still need to be collected.

Do you want to make this campaign real? Then donate here!

For any further information, download the introductory document of the CICOPA Youth Cooperative Entrepreneurship campaign here.