Housing and social inclusion of refugees. Congratulations to Wind of Renewal for the WELCOMMON project kick-off!

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REVES welcomes the launching of WELCOMMON – the social innovative project for refugees – by the greek partners of the social cooperative Wind of Renewal !

On 12 of October 2016, the social cooperative welcomed the first group of refugees in a fully renovated building, located in the center of Athens.

On October 2015, Wind of Renewal, started to elaborate a scheme that could give a sustainable solution to one of the main challenges that greek society is facing: the refugee issue.

Wind of Renewal aims to cover both the needs of refugees and of the local society.

WELCOMMON is a social innovative project as it offers:

To the refugees:
– decent and safe accommodation, food and cover for basic needs
– psychosocial support
– cultural training
– social integration

To the local community:
– new jobs (28 at the moment)
– professional training
– professional specialization
– a boost to the greek economy

Please find enclosed a brief description of the project and some
photos – and do not hesitate to contact Ms Polina Gkioka (tispolinas@gmail.com) for more information or ideas!