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Description –  Thematic Interviews

Master Parenting in Work and Life (MASP)  aims to change the perspective of balance between work and private life moving towards a work-life synergy concept, to encourage a more equal share of care responsibilities between women and men and to stimulate higher women participation in the labour market.

Project activities include: research and analysis of best practices of work-life balance strategies; sharing of best practices through workshops and study visits; training activities for employers, management consultants and staff of employment services; dissemination and communication activities; social impact and policy evaluation. Main outputs are a) a model programme for public authorities promoting employability of unemployed women (mothers) and b) a model programme for enterprises encouraging the promotion of work-life synergy for employees. The project will run from February 2019 to January 2021.

Find the MASP info sheet here.

More information is available on the MASP website.

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