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The project “Integral ecology for childhood rights” (short EIDI) has been developed by a partnership between public and private social organizations of two Italian cities characterized by substantial differences, but with a common vision: Messina and Brescia.

Focusing on children, families and the larger community in which children grow up, this project is developing actions of “behavior change” that start from 9 months of pregnancy and accompany the first two years of life of the child (visits at the home of families, information on available services and promotion of universal access to services, informing parents about the importance of choices which are crucial when laying the foundations for a healthy growth of the child, promoting  aloud reading and listening to music.

In addition to these activities focused on the child and its immediate social context (the family), other actions promote the growth of a community that can generate alternatives in the areas of human functioning (reference to Sen’s Capability approach) of newborn children and their families (knowledge, sociality, work).

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The project was selected by Con i Bambini within the framework of the Fund to combat child educational poverty. The Fund is the result of an agreement between the Foundations of banking origin represented by Acre, the National Forum of the Third Sector and the Government. It supports interventions aimed at removing economic, social and cultural obstacles that prevent children from fully enjoying the educational processes. In order to implement the Fund’s programmes, in June 2016 the social enterprise Con i Bambini was set up, a non-profit organisation entirely owned by the Fondazione CON IL SUD. www.conibambini.org