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The Covid crisis brought inequalities, among them those related to labour market participation of women and care tasks, more strongly to the fore than any other event in the recent past.

This was just another reason for MASP partners, under slightly adapted conditions, to continue their work on methodologies and tools facilitating work-life synergy, parenting and labour market inclusion in particular of specifically disadvantaged groups such as unemployed women.

This newsletter will present new online tools targeting parents in general as well as unemployed mothers. You will also find information of webinars and training sessions that were organized.

Keep in touch and take care!

Life-Based Value: Launch of the program “Lifeed for New Parents”


MASP partner Life Based Value (LBV) launched its online program “Lifeed” for employed mothers and fathers of children aged 0-3.
The objective of this program, and the related online training, is to make women and men aware of the variety of soft skills they are able to acquire through their whole experience of life – not just in the professional area – and more specifically in their role as mothers and fathers.
The capacity to innovate and/or to take leadership of processes are, according to researchers and employers, just two examples of important skills parenthood appears to strengthen.
After an initial phase in which participants in the online training programme have the occasion to identify these skills they learn how to valorise the latter also in the work context, throught the Life Based Learning methodology.
The training programme – available in Italian and English – consists of 20 modules, each having a duration of 20 minutes.
Persons having taken part in the training will receive a certificate of participation and a diary collecting all their reflections. At the same time, the associated Ca’ Foscari Competency Center will also propose a proper soft skills assessment.
A kick-off information webinar targeting representatives of enterprises who agreed to act as multipliers and testbeds for the tool through the involvement of their employees took place on 12 May 2020.
The 65 participants – 20% of them men – were given the occasion to learn more about the MASP initiative and in particular about the content of the Master. Presentations by LBV researchers and trainers were combined with testimonies of persons having already tested the tool.

You will find more information on the Master here.

Afolmet: New public work orientation online platform for unemployed women

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Parenting, volunteering, community engagement… – all of these areas are fundamental for the well-being of our society. A majority of unpaid tasks in these areas are carried out by women. With their engagement they bring in and further develop knowledge and capacities in a variety of fields such as organization, negotiation or innovation & problem-solving. This type of experiences are not always valued and taken into account by the labour market. Many women do not perceive and assert them as skills and therewith assets when searching and applying for a job.

Based on research carried out by MASP partners in 2019, Afolmet, a public agency operating in the area of employment and training, developed an online platform, the MASP Public Programme for Women, which is supposed to help women, and in particular mothers, to find their way (back) to self-confidence and the labour market building on transversal competences acquired in a variety of contexts.

Women are given an opportunity to assess their competences and to more deeply analyse and value their strengths. In a next step the platform provides users with information and advice helping to identify appropriate job profiles and assess the existing offer on the labour market. Users are then given tools and advice which allow them to integrate analysed skills better in their own CV and job search related documents, but also to prepare for a job interview. Finally, the platform offers support regarding different type of situations women might be faced with once they find themselves in employment, such as combining parenting and work, discrimination or possible sexual harassment.

The platform will be made public shortly and could serve as an inspiration for other public authorities and other organisations working in the field of employment (orientation) and training.

Curious to test it? Have a look here.

A.P.I.: Webinar series on the changing HR role in companies and corporate bargaining for organizational well-being

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Reshaping the organization of companies towards enhanced organizational well-being, work-life synergies and a greater involvement of workers – these were the main topics of a series of webinars organized by A.P.I., the Association of Small and Medium Industrial Enterprises, located in Lombardy, in the framework of MASP from May to July 2020.

Over 30 participants took part in the webinars organized on 27 May and 4 June around “The new HR role: acquiring and retaining talent, the value of MASP” which focused on the topic of worker engagement – an element which is becoming increasingly central to human resource management strategies.

During the webinar, several project partners and experts, including a number of entrepreneurs, took the floor on opportunities and obstacles. Speakers included representatives of the Municipality of Milan, the Modern Times Job Agency, LIFEED, Anima Talent Development and the Provincial Agency for Family, Birth and Youth Policies of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The webinar “Corporate bargaining for organizational well-being, the MASP”, held on 25 June and 2 July, was dedicated to collective and individual company bargaining as processes which are increasingly becoming an essential tool for reshaping the organization of a company with a view to increase the performance of the enterprise also through actions promoting the well-being of workers. Over 30 participants had the occasion to listen to and exchange with MASP partners, including representatives of the Municipality of Milan, enterprises having passed the Family Audit certification, researchers from LIFEED and legal and fiscal experts.

You missed the webinars and would like to catch up? Recordings of the webinars that were held in Italian language are available online (Webinar 27 May, Webinar 4 June, Webinar 25 June and Webinar 2 July).

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MASP aims to change the perspective of balance between work and private life moving towards a work-life synergy concept, to encourage a more equal share of care responsibilities between women and men and to stimulate higher women participation in the labour market.

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This project is co-funded by the European Union.