The Charter

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The representatives of cities and regions and social economy organisations, members of REVES, commit themselves to:

  • establish a stable partnership, long term collaboration and a common co-ordination and planning of local development policies between local authorities and the social economy;
  • create and develop a new culture of social entrepreneurship, question the prevailing economic models and propose alternative socio-economic approaches;
  • develop TSR as a process of social global responsibility based on sustainable development and participative popular democracy;
  • apply gender equality, promote diversity through inclusion, fight against every kind of discrimination, racism and precarious conditions;
  • develop innovative models so as to strengthen partnership and good governance between local authorities and social economy;
  • identify common objectives and values for partnership and synergies with other networks;
  • work actively with the European Commission, the European Parliament, the EESC, the Committee of the Regions and the Members States in order to promote REVES values and activities and to create favourable legal and fiscal frameworks for the development of social economy in Europe;
  • seek a balanced development and dissemination of social economy values throughout Europe and its neighbours, targeted at all territories and all groups;
  • promote the exchange of good experiences between members and the commitment to excellence;
  • actively participate and contribute to the life/the activities of the network.

Charte REVES