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Oltre la strada

The participatory integration process TSR-Via Milano, carried out in the framework of the “Oltre la strada” project (in English and Italian)

REVES Yearbooks

REVES Yearbook 2017

REVES Yearbook 2015

REVES Yearbook 2013

Social Innovation Community

Exploring the Research Landscape of Social Innovation (edited by University of Dortmund)

Digital First? Communities Second? The role of policy-makers and the Social Economy in redesigning and innovating the management of common goods in the digital era

Using social innovation policy approaches to help cities and regions realise the potential of the European Pillar of Social Rights. Conference report.


Urban regeneration processes as opportunity for human regeneration – the Capacity project in Messina

Saving Jobs

Transfer of enterprises to worker cooperatives

UNITE – Undertaking Intercultural Dialogue

Local authorities and social economy enterprises have the capacity to act as driving engines for participation and interaction of migrants and locals in all spheres of life and society such as leisure, employment and entrepreneurship or politics. (UNITE project results were published on a CD-ROM – a selection of documents can be downloaded below).

  • Introduction into the subject “Intercultural dialogue” by Léonce Bekemans (ENFR)
  • Relevant EU legislation (ENFR)
  • Local realities & Good practices (ENFR)
  • UNITE experimentation – two examples 12
  • Final recommendations (ENFR)

Development of Districts of Equal Opportunities in Social Economy Territories

This publication is based on a REVES initiative which analyzed possibilities to develop clusters with social objectives. (ENFRITESSE)

A guide for a local strategic approach to the reconciliation of work, family and public life

How can local authorities and social economy jointly promote work-life balance ? (ENFR)

Guidelines for a TSR ® process – Shortcut

This brochure contains a short introduction into Territorial Social Responsibility®. (ENFR)

Local governance and gender communication? The central role of local authorities and social economy

How does communication shape the functioning of local authorities and social economy organisations, and how does it affect their interaction with the population (in particular women)? This publication proposes some guidelines. (EN)

TSR(r)faenza: report on the development of a TSR approach in the city of Faenza – IT (text in Italian)

Other publications :

Hartmut Kupfer: KITA als interkultureller Lernort.

Wie können Kindertagesstätten die partizipative Integration von Einwanderern befördern?