6 June 2019

Committee of the Regions of the European Union

Rue Van Maerlant 2, Room VM1, Brussels


Europe needs its cities and regions and the social and solidarity economy to reach out to its citizens, detect their real needs and make them part of creating solutions to a number of challenges, such as unemployment or precarious work, social exclusion, discrimination and racism, climate change or increasing instrumentalisation of fears and isolation by extremist forces.

REVES aisbl, the European Network of Cities and Regions for the Social Economy, is promoting co-construction of public policies driven by partnerships between policymakers, public administration and the social and solidarity economy. We support cities and regions, that – based on the principles of participation, citizen empowerment and solidarity – experiment new forms of community welfare and an economy being at the service of society.

The REVES Award is an important means to reward and make these initiatives and their potential visible at EU level, stimulate exchange and suggest new lines of action for policy-making.

Join us to listen to, discuss and network with applicants for the REVES Excellence Award 2019 and other initiatives from different EU Member States. Take the unique opportunity to connect and exchange with our jury members from different European and international organisations, civil society networks and European institutions – they will share their impressions on the applications, but also their thoughts on how to give (values of) partnerships between cities/regions and the social and solidarity economy the place they deserve on the (future) European policy agenda.

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