REVES members are those local and regional authorities and social economy organisations working to develop stable partnerships, according to the REVES Charter. Questions about REVES membership? See our frequently asked questions.

What does my organization/authority have to do in order to apply for REVES membership?

The interested organisation/authority has to fill in and sign the membership application form (EN) (FR) and send it to the REVES secretariat together with an extract of an official document proving that there was a decision to be part of the network (council decision, minutes of an official meeting or similar documents).

Where can I find information on membership fees?

You will find this information in the application form which is available in English and French.

How often do REVES members meet?

The General Assembly comes together usually once a year (in Brussels or in a member city/region). Board meetings (that are open to all REVES members) are held 3-4 times online (since Covid) or in person. REVES seminars and conferences are often organised in connection with the GA or a board meeting. Depending on the pandemic situation, meetings are also held online

Membership Form

Download the Form and join the REVES network !