The project Capacity seeks to give inhabitants of three disadvantaged areas of Messina, in particular those living in the barrack settlements, the opportunity to become (again) protagonists of their own life.

After two years and a half, the first new sustainable settlements are ready, and families are moving out of the shantytown, which means out of a situation of physical and social segregation.

A series of interviews with the beneficiaries, carried out and transmitted by the local broadcaster Radiostreet, accompanied the whole process. Some excerpts from these interviews are below, with English translation: with simple expressions, in a few minutes, they provide all the profound sense of a complex project of social renewal.

Capacity is a project financed by Decree 25/05/2016 of the President of the Italian Council of Minister, and led by the Municipality of Messina. The present action is carried out by a consortium made of Ecos-Med , Fondazione di Comunità di Messina, Università degli Studi di Messina, Consorzio Sol.E, MECC s.c., REVES aisbl.

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