A side event to the Conference on the Future of Europe focusing on the social economy will take place on 10 March 2022 in Strasbourg and online from 6pm to 7.30pm CET.

The Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) cannot ignore the model of economic governance created by the social economy. Its existence is based on historical foundations anchored in many European countries where it is both a social and an entrepreneurial dynamic. In some other countries, it is the subject of renewed interest. The European Commission is devoting an action plan to it to unleash its full potential. The European Parliament has already dedicated many reports to it, but today it is necessary to take further steps. The social economy must be promoted in the work of the CoFoE, for its values and democratic principles, for its entrepreneurial diversity and for its role in enhancing active citizenship.

This event will be based on exchanges between pairs formed around 6 topics of the Conference on the future of Europe. Each pair will be composed of an institutional actor involved in the work of the CoFoE and an actor from the SSE.

Page of the event: https://www.eesc.europa.eu/en/agenda/our-events/events/social-economy-future-europe.

Link to follow the debate remotely: https://www.eesc.europa.eu/en/agenda/our-events/events/social-economy-future-europe/webstream

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