Human trafficking is one of the most odious criminal phenomena of our time, exacerbated by wars and the need for many people to flee  from their own  homes.

Trafficking is the word for modern slavery covering mainly sexual and labour exploitation of women and children, but also men. With over 40 million enslaved people in the World, the situation becomes worst after every crisis, with ingenious criminals taking advantage of people in need. It is duty of the civilised world to fight this inhuman crime and support the victims.

REVES’ member Agora, from Italy, together with partners from Estonia, Germany, Spain and Greece, developed the ANDREIA project, supported by the AMIF programme from the European Union, aimed at  effectively promoting the integration of third-country nationals, victims of human trafficking , into the host societies in order to find durable solutions.

One of the results was the production of a series of webinars on the topic, based on interviews and sharing of experiences.

The webinars are published here, in Italian with English subtitles (except the first one, for which translation is not yet available)

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