Declaration for the Support of Slow Fashion


Barbara Trachte, Secretary of State for Economic Transition of the Brussels-Capital Region (BE), is proposing a declaration calling on the Member States of the European Union, the OECD, the G7/G20 and the United Nations to create a fair level playing field for sustainable slow fashion.

The declaration points to the significant negative impact the mainstream fashion industry has on the environment, but also the barriers it represents for social progress. At the same time it highlights the emergence, in many cities and regions, of more sustainable models of enterprise in the fashion area and their potential, but also to the difficulties these enterprises and projects – linked amongst others to the social economy – have face to the (unfair) competition by multinationals and other big players.

The declaration lists a number of proposals for action that should be taken at regional, national, European and international level – among them a ban of unfair trading practices, prohibition of incentives to consume (e.g. through fast fashion advertising), the adoption and implementation of an ambitious Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and the extension of its scope to the textile industry, the adoption of a European Slow Fashion Label, favourable taxation for slow fashion initiatives, the appropriate use of public procurement or the reorientation of financial tools.

It is open to signature by cities and regions. You can find the document here. Should your city/region wish to sign the declaration, please contact

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