Rural Pact Platform: Community Group on Social Economy launched


A specific Community Group on Social Economy has been established on the Commission’s Rural Pact Platform.

Members of the group have the possibility to exchange information, discuss policies and practices, share surveys, partnership requests, etc. related to the topic ‘rural development and social economy’.

The group is coordinated by REVES and DIESIS.

In order to access the group interested organisations or persons have to be members of the Rural Pact and register in the Rural Pact Community Platform.

The Rural Pact was launched in 2021 by the European Commission as part of its Long-Term Vision for EU’s rural areas. The Rural Pact provides a framework for cooperation between public authorities, civil society, businesses, academia and citizens, at the European, national, regional and local level.The Rural Pact is supposed to contribute to achieving the shared goals of the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas by facilitating interaction on rural matters. It aims at fostering mutual inspiration between all levels of governance and mobilise public authorities and stakeholders to act on the needs and aspirations of rural residents. 

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