European Ethical Financial Ecosystem for local partnerships supporting new Social Enterprises – 3E4SE

The 3E4SE project aimed at establishing and testing a strategy for cooperation between public funds and ethical and alternative or cooperative funds for the development of specific local/regional financial tools supporting social enterprises.

A model/guideline for cooperation at EU level has been elaborated, involving ethical financing players, representatives of the beneficiaries and public authorities. It has been tested at local level in two regions, Puglia (I) and Västra Götaland (SE). The creation of such tool will also allow the replication of the experience (thus creation of other local/regional funds based on the same kind of European framework and same terms of reference) in other regions and cities in different EU member States.

The 3E4SE Consortium involved five European Networks, on the one hand, and local members of two of these networks (among which REVES) in two European regions, on the other hand.

More details can be found here.

Project Information


This project has received funding from the European Commission.

EUflag_little This project has received funding from the European Commission.