Right(s) now! The role of social economy and its partners in promoting decent jobs

Main objective of the project, that brings together social economy and trade unions, was to develop measures that would have helped transforming precarious work relationships by:

  • promoting conditions for quality work in enterprises, and/or
  • offering workers in precarious employment relationships an alternative and opportunities to liberate themselves from these conditions (e.g. through the creation of (social) enterprises based on cooperation and other values of social economy).

Activities have been carried out at EU level (REVES) and at local level through local working groups composed of social economy, trade unions and other local actors in three major metropolitan cities (Berlin, Rome and Stockholm).

More details can be found on the project information sheet (EN – FR)

Project Information


This project has received funding from the European Commission.

EUflag_little This project has received funding from the European Commission.