The SKI.F.T. project has the objective to accompany micro and small social economy enterprises in their efforts to make their business model and related practices more environmentally sustainable.

More specifically, the project aims to enable small and micro community-based social economy enterprises to:

a) develop sustainable business models, based also on new technologies as enablers;

b) rethink their role also in their relationships with other private and public actors and in the creation of local green markets and local value chains and

c) communicate their efforts more effectively.

The project, launched in October 2023, is co-funded by the EU SMP-COSME programme. It brings together social economy intermediary organisations and training providers from Denmark, Poland and Italy, as well as two European networks: Kooperationen (DK), FISE (PL), CSA COESI (IT), Demetra Formazione (IT), Legacoop Emilia-Romagna (IT), REVES aisbl and CECOP.

Through SKI.F.T. project partners will provide specific advisory and coaching services to micro and small social economy enterprises, enabling the latter to review their business model towards stronger environmental sustainability. Moreover, beneficiary enterprises will have the opportunity to receive direct financial support to purchase additional coaching and mentoring responding to their specific needs and fields of interest (e.g. creation of local social green value chains, communication, use of digital tools to facilitate certain type of processes, etc.). Specific attention will be paid to a collective approach, which will encourage stronger cooperation between micro and small social economy enterprises as such as well as between the latter and their different partners and stakeholders.

A main objective and challenge of the SKI.F.T. consortium for the months to come is thus to develop a training offer which would be most closely related to the running activities of the target enterprises, take the aforementioned challenges into account and be tailor-made to the specific needs of the enterprise.

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Kooperationen (DK, Project Leader), FISE (PL), COESI (IT), Demetra Formazione (IT), Legacoop Emilia-Romagna (IT), REVES aisbl and CECOP


October 2023 - September 2025