Social Seducement

Launched in September 2014, consistently with Erasmus+, the project aims at contributing to the discovery and improvement of the level of key competences and skills of disadvantaged individuals.

Operationally, this will be achieved by designing an online role-play game to develop, enhance and promote skills related to social economy entrepreneurship by immersing learners in realistic scenarios and challenges.

The learning game developed  by Social Seducement will overcome the boundaries of time and place, providing  empowering knowledge through nonconventional methods, with the objective to make learning around social economy entrepreneurship more accessible to marginalised individuals.

The project’s specific objective is pursued through a strengthened cooperation within a Consortium composed of organization of different nature, active in the social economy field, with expertise in training, e-learning, game design and development, in a EU dimension.

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EUflag_little This project has received funding from the European Commission.