Undertaking intercultural exchange: joint and innovative actions for participatory integration – UNITE – (Under: INTI – Preparatory actions 2006)

The aim of the UNITE project was to pool capacities and resources of different local actors so as to set up coherent local strategies for intercultural dialogue and participation. Different channels, methods and places of participation, adapted to the needs of third country nationals and their local neighbours, were explored.

More details can be found on the project information sheet (EN – FR).
A CD-ROM containing all project results was published. You will, hereunder, a selection of downloadable reports and research summaries:

  • Introduction into the subject by Léonce Bekemans (EN– FR)
  • Relevant EU legislation (EN– FR)
  • Local research summary & Good practices (EN– FR)
  • UNITE experimentation – two examples (1– 2)
  • Final recommendations (EN– FR)

Project Information


This project has received funding from the European Commission.

EUflag_little This project has received funding from the European Commission.