Holding adequate skills, including the ability to adapt them to the context, are essential elements for dealing with, preventing and also directing changes in the transition phases.

This is even more true for social economy operators and structures, which by their very nature are involved in complex creative processes that are never the same.

However, defining paths and tools for updating and adapting skills cannot be the exclusive responsibility of social economy organizations – and even less of individual operators – but must always find an echo in the construction of accompanying public policies.

The MU.ST.SEE project has sought, through a varied, articulated and competent partnership,  to bring together the training needs of various areas of the social economy in a process of co-creation, and to translate them into local action plans shared between the public administration and the social sector.

This seminar gives an account of the work carried out, crossing our gaze with other ongoing projects on the theme of upskilling in the social economy, in particular the BWISE, BaSE and SWEET projects, and with the essential contribution of the research world , represented in this case by the University of Rome-Tor Vergata.

The seminar has a hybrid character in terms of participation and has the purpose of gathering the different voices of the participants in the projects and at the seminar to collect specific recommendations addressed to the European, national, regional and local institutions, but also to the representative organizations of the social economy.

Among the speakers in the seminar are:

  • Elisa Mancinelli, from REVES, Brussels
  • Mickael Bianchin, from CECOP, Brussels
  • Maria José Vivar, from ANEL, Navarra (SP)
  • Vanessa Mendes, from TESE, Cascais (PT)
  • Pietro Boriotti, from COSM, Pordenone (IT)
  • Garry Londiniere, from Creative, Garges-Les-Gonesse (FR)
  • Alessia Sebillo, from DIESIS, Brussels
  • Martina Paterniti, from ENSIE, Brussels
  • Michela Davi, from Consulta Diocesana, Genoa (IT)
  • Alessio Ceccherelli, from University of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome (IT)
  • Antonio Martinez de Bujanda, from ANEL, Navarra (SP)
  • Teresa Vicente, from City of Cascais (PT)
  • Angelica Ferretti, from City of Pordenone (IT)
  • Hélène Devreese, From City of Garges-Lès-Gonesse
  • Patrick Klein, from European Commission, DG GROW
  • Luigi Martignetti, from REVES, Brussels 

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