Exchange for inclusion: enhancing a common strategic approach – ECSA

This project was the second phase of a wider process of definition of common approaches to combat social exclusion at local level, using tools that are applicable at European level.

The general objectives of the ECSA phase were:

  • to integrate European strategies and the national action plans into all local programmes concerning exclusion;
  • to find possible ways to include the concern for employment and for housing into all local programmes against exclusion;
  • to define pathways helping each territory to “read” different experiences and to take advantage of them;
  • to develop a systematic consultation between different territories in Europe on the aforementioned subject matters.

Several important test projects, based on national and local initiatives, have been carried out in the framework of the REVES approach Territorial Social Responsibility (TSR). For more information, please consult the category “TSR” on our website.

Project Information


This project has received funding from the European Commission.

EUflag_little This project has received funding from the European Commission.