The MU.ST.SEE project supports the capacity of local partnerships between public authorities and social economy to back social entrepreneurs of different ages and experiences in their professional development and lifelong learning paths, providing them with a common “academy” that adopts a training approach based on the key values of the social economy model: mutuality, democracy, participation.

The project brings together multiple local stakeholders in the design and provision of an accessible and customisable training pathway where social entrepreneurs and would-be social entrepreneurs can find the resources for further training retraining and upskilling.

The project supports: the capacity of social economy organisations to be, at local level, a transmission chain for the dissemination and the implementation of the European and National action plans for a greener, sustainable and digitized Europe, and the exchange of knowledge and mutual learning processes among partner territories, in order to create local action plans for the development and implementation of complete training provisions

and to formulate replicable recommendations involving different potential beneficiaries:  university students (aged 18-24) interested in social economy undertakings; young would-be social entrepreneurs (aged 20-30), to be offered inception training about the creation and management of a social enterprise;  social entrepreneurs (aged +25) to be involved in continuous training, upskilling, and reskilling, based on peer learning and mentoring in a peer-to-peer / mutualistic exchange within the community of practitioners.

The planned training paths will support the active participation of social entrepreneurs – including leaders of social organizations, social enterprises and social cooperatives – who are undergoing innovative/transformative initiatives in response to the green and digital transitions.




The European Network of Cities and Regions for the Social Economy REVES (coordinator) - The City of Pordenone (IT) - The C.O.S.M. Consorzio operativo salute mentale scs (IT) - The City of Cascais (PT) - TESE Accociacao para o desenvolvimento pela tecnolocia, engenharia, saude e educacao (PT) - Region of Navarra (SP) - ANEL Acociacion Empresas de Economia Social de Navarra (SP) - City of Garges-lès-Gonesse (FR) - CECOP European Confederation of workers cooperatives, social cooperatives and social and participatory enterprises (EU)


May 2022 - October 2023