Friday, 16 October, 10-12 am

The cultural sector is certainly one of those sectors hit most by the pandemic.

Especially smaller initiatives – among them many social economy and community projects – experience problems getting back on their feet.

On the other hand, a number of cultural players have proven also in times of Covid their – inherent – capacity to create, to innovate, to create links between different parts of society and to mobilise.

They are or have become important partners also for cities and regions some of which stepped out of their role as simple (financial) promoter of culture by involving the sector into processes aiming to (re-) build resilient local communities – in cooperation with partners also from other sectors such as health, economy, architecture, ….

This webinar aims to present initiatives taken recently to support and cooperate with the cultural sector at local and regional level and to discuss ways to strengthen the role of arts&culture as important partners in the transition towards (socially) sustainable local communities all throughout Europe.

We are glad to welcome:

Ana Umbelino, City Councillor at the City of Torres Vedras (PT) who will share efforts by her city to support the (digital) creation and dissemination of cultural contents in pandemic times through the “Cultural Emergency” Programme and other actions.

Ola Jacobson, Office for Culture of Skåne Region which launched, in 2019, a process starting as a simple  participatory “urban lab” experimentation before becoming a tool to co-create policies and strategies for culture in the region.

Sascha Krebs, Capitol Mannheim (DE), who will provide us with an insight in the process that led to the creation of a support fund for culture which is implemented in cooperation with other players such as the community foundation Mannheim.

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