The UN Secretary General launched the UNiTE campaign, managed by UN WOMEN, to  prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls around the world.

REVES welcomes and joins this overarching effort, and supports the Six Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence . 

Hereafter an article by Carola Carazzone, Secretary General of REVES’ member ASSIFERO, providing insigths and perspectices on the topic:  

25 years after the Beijing Platform for Action, data shows us enormous gaps in gender justice. The pandemic makes us fear for the worst. In the last 25 years, in Italy, the adoption of good laws was not followed by law enforcement and access to promotion and protection of women’s human rights. Even the Italian success celebrated in the 2020 EIGE report, if read carefully, is deceiving since it relates to a single indicator. Legal change wasn’t followed by social change. Implicit stereotypes, unconscious bias, cultural barriers, and taboos are preventing an open and uncomfortable conversation about toxic masculinity and cultural change. This ‘elephant in the room’ keeps us in the comfortable complacency of not being sexists, without compelling us to become vocally anti-sexists. Culture can play a major and permanent role in nudging this paradigm shift and making toxic masculinity no longer culturally acceptable. In a system change approach, culture can foster social imagination for both men and women and inspire, disseminate and protect social change from backlashes. Everyone is a changemaker, including strategic philanthropy and finance. Starting with mainstreaming gender and intergenerational justice in our own organizations … (continue reading)

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