SOFIGREEN - Social Finance for Social Greening

The SOFIGREEN aims to support the greening of processes and activities of SSEEs by enhancing their investment readiness, their access to finance and their multi-stakeholder (mainstream SMEs, research, public authorities, etc.) and multi-level (local, regional, cross-border) collaborations.

The project will empowere social economy SMEs and entrepreneurs to deliver on the objectives set by the EU Green Deal by fostering their capacities and skills, improving their sustainable management and greening their operations.

In this way, the project intends to turn those critical circumstance into the springboard that will enable them to seize the opportunity of the transition by structurally reshaping their business model and raising the finance necessary to make the leap that will put them at the forefront in social, environmental and economic sustainability. Moreover, SSEEs will become part of wider territorial ecosystems, hubs of collaboration between large and small firms, research organisations and the public sector, which will play a central role in catalysing the transition towards new, more sustainable value chains and communities.


SOFIGREEN partners will co-design a capacity building package that will then be delivered through two courses (for social startuppers and advance) in Italy, France and Spain. Further to these learning activities, 60 social economy enterprises will receive direct financial support and coaching to boost their investment readiness to access financing for their green transition.





MeSSIna Foundation (IT) - ARCHER GROUP (FR) - MedWaves (ES) - FAECTA (ES) - BANCA POPOLARE ETICA (IT) - La Nef (FR) - Fondazione con Il Sud (IT) - FEBEA (EU) - REVES (EU)


October 2023 - September 2025